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How are you? A question you’re asked several times a day, to which you reply “good, thanks” without too much thought. But what does “good” actually mean? And do you really feel good?

Welcome to The Mood Corp.

You deserve to simply feel good.

Do you feel good? What does “good” actually mean? And do you really feel good? We dealt extensively with this question and came to three conclusions:

  1. Everyone has their own idea of “good.”
  2. All too often, we are not in our own personal state of feeling “good.”
  3. We need to change this!

We therefore created The Mood Corp. Our products appeal to all your senses and help you to simply feel good.

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MoodConnect is revolutionizing the market for room fragrance diffusers! An overpowering fragrance that you no longer smell after some time is so yesterday. Thanks to MoodConnect, this is a thing of the past!

Not only is the mobile wonder fragrance easy to operate via an app, it also ensures you can experience your favorite fragrance at the intensity you like best. State-of-the-art technology ensures you will always be able to smell the fragrance without your nose going on strike—pure enjoyment is all that remains.

Always and everywhere.

Thanks to its compact and innovative design, MoodConnect can be taken everywhere. It integrates elegantly into the interior of your vehicle and fits optimally in your cup holder.

You hate cable spaghetti? We do too! That’s why MoodConnect’s powerful battery can be easily and conveniently charged and then operated without any wires.

No fragrance fatigue

State-of-the-art technology prevents olfactory habituation. This means you constantly smell your favorite fragrance without your nose getting used to it.

Easy to operate

MoodConnect can be easily operated via your smartphone or directly on the diffuser.

Three levels of intensity

The intensity of the fragrance diffuser can be individually set according to your taste. If you don’t feel like fragrance, you can simply turn MoodConnect off.


can be conveniently controlled via the MoodApp on your smartphone.


of all managers mentally take the office home with them.

Whether quickly rechecking their e-mails, giving a quick answer here, or taking note of a date there: this modern style of working—being reachable around the clock—robs many executives of inner peace.


of female executives sleep badly.

Occupational stress and private concerns have a massive impact and prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. It’s difficult to switch off in the evening. This was determined in a representative survey conducted by the renowned Max Grundig Klinik.

Because you deserve to feel good,

we bring your favorite fragrance to you in the car, at home, and in the office.

The Moods

High-quality ingredients and selected fragrances turn our exclusive moods into an experience for all your senses.
The fragrance cartridges, which fit MoodConnect perfectly, are leak-proof and can be replaced at any time—so you will always have the right fragrance for every situation.

Active Fragrances

Aromatherapy for at home and when you’re out and about—our active fragrances directly target your limbic system. They immediately affect your feelings, moods, and memories. Regardless of whether you would prefer to relax or need a motivation boost—these fragrances make it possible.

Fine Fragrances

Exquisite fine fragrance compositions to make you feel good—our fine fragrances ensure you always have your favorite fragrance to hand. They transform your everyday life into a sensory celebration, creating a familiar ambience.

Our partners

We believe in the power of collaborations and networks. That’s why we have strong partners at our side:

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